Information for visitors

If your travel itinerary sees you driving across Ireland during your stay, then you’ll find the following information, tailored for visitors to Ireland, extremely useful. 

Where are the toll roads?

Map of toll roads in Ireland

How do I pay for tolls in Ireland?

Ten of Ireland’s eleven toll roads have conventional barrier toll plazas.

Unless your car has an electronic tag issued in Ireland, you’ll need to stop at the cashier’s booth and pay your toll in cash, by credit card or by using a pre-payment card.

Dublin’s M50 is a barrier-free toll road which means drivers are not required to stop at a toll plaza. Traffic passes beneath a camera gantry between Junction 6 and Junction 7 which records vehicles’ registration numbers. Drivers must pay their M50 toll before 8pm the following day to avoid incurring a late-payment penalty of €3.00.

How do I pay for a toll journey if I’m driving a rental car?

If your journey sees you taking one of Ireland’s toll roads, you should get in touch with your car rental company in advance to find out if your rental agreement covers the payment of toll charges. Some companies will include toll charges in your bill whereas others will require that you pay all toll charges yourself.

If you are required to pay toll charges, you can pay for your M50 journey in three simple ways:

  • Online at
  • In person with cash or card at any retail outlet nationwide that has the Payzone sign
  • Phone - Phone an eFlow customer service agents on LoCall: 1890 50 10 50 from the Republic of Ireland, 0845 30 15 405 from the UK, or +800 50 10 50 11 from any other country
  • At all other toll plazas in Ireland, you are required to pay at the toll plaza using the methods highlighted above

What happens if I don’t pay for my M50 journey?

If you use the M50, and you're not registered with a tag provider, you are required to make a toll payment before 8:00pm the following day. If you fail to make a payment in time, a €3.00 fine will be incurred.

If you don't pay the toll and €3.00 penalty after a further 14 days, an additional late penalty of €41.00 will be incurred.

Failure to pay this amount after a further 56 days will result in an additional late penalty charge of €103.00. If you have still not paid the amount due, legal proceedings may be initiated.

Euro Parking Collections is licensed to collect unpaid M50 tolls on behalf of eFlow across the European continent.